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Easter Egg Maze



Welcome to KiddiesApps




Welcome to Easter Eggs Maze EEM.

Easter Eggs Maze is a little fun and learning maze app for kids ages 4 to 6.

Easter Eggs Maze has 9 rounds and the objective is to collect 9 golden eggies.
If ALL THREE Easter Eggs of a round are in their right nests at the ending of the paths will one golden eggie be awarded.
It will be showing up on the upper left hand side. 
However, if only two of three hatchies are in their proper nests only a golden striped eggie is awarded.
If only one of three hatchies are in the their proper nests a red stiped eggie is shown.
Worse, if all three hatchies are placed in wrong nests the game will be terminated.
A new round has a possibly different Easter Egg Maze and a new set of Easter Eggs.
The game is over automatically after 9 rounds have been played.

Easter Eggs Maze is fun to play and very easy.

1. Please tap on the Red-White-And-Blue Easter Egg to start the game.
The Easter Maze and a set of Easter Eggs will be displayed.

2. Tap on one of the three Easter Eggs.
The Easter Egg will hatch and drop to the bottom of the maze.

3. Drag the hatchie to the proper nest at the ending of the path. We have added two small pits.
Therefore, please drag carefully.

4. After the hatchie has been moved to its nest, tap on the remaining top of the Easter Egg.
Tapping on the top will also disable moving the bottom hatchie.
The top will slide down its path to its nest and display if the hatchie matches.
If not, then the wrongly placed hatchie will be moved to its place. This is to allow the nest
to be occupied by the belonging hatchie.

5. Please do so the same for the other two Easter Eggs of
the round. Well, the third is easy - a little bonus.
A little hardship: it is not possible to terminate a round.

6. Please tap on the Red-White-And-Blue to refresh the Easter Egg Maze and to get a new set of Easter Eggs.

Have fun with games for kids

from Sickerstein



The Red-White-and-Blue tapped


Round completed

Game over